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Valentine’s Day M&M’s

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I love M&M’s. I’m not ashamed. I love them. I suppose I should love really sophisticated chocolates or cordials, or truffles. And yes, while I do enjoy a good truffle, there really is nothing like the sugar coated goodness of an M&M.
Pink M&Ms And for Valentine’s Day they come in shades of pink, red and white. Fabulous. A candy that changes color for the holidays. It’s the perfect accent for any coffee table. And in a few weeks, spring pastels will be out for Easter. One doesn’t even need to buy flowers anymore. Just change your M&M colors! It’s the perfect accessory!

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  1. Beverley Mooren says:

    Great site!

  2. Charlotte says:

    I love the m&m’s….now that you can customize’s awesome..My mom & dad are fixing to celebrate thier 50 wedding aniversary…and I”m going to order some for them….i’m exictted

  3. You should make a cake covered in holiday M&Ms like these pink valentine’s day ones, or christmas ones…that would be festive, and so much fun. I love staring at the pictures on your site.

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