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Top Ten Cakes of 2008 (2008)

As we close out 2008, we have one last best-of list. This list is a best-of compilation across all cakes and cupcakes we posted in 2008. The cakes were chosen based on a combination number of views and number of comments.

We want to thank our families, friends, employees, customers and visitors to this blog for helping make 2008 a great success. There were many highlights in 2008 and my favorite moments would have to be the two Food Network challenges we competed in and our appearance on Martha Stewart Wedding Cake special. All in all it was a successful year for Pink Cake Box and I want to thank everyone for their support!

#10 Pink & Brown Baby Shower

“Ezekiel” the Sheep returns as number #10 in our top 10 cakes of 2008.

Pink and Brown Baby Shower with Sheep with Brown Bow

#9 Fall Wedding Cake

Fall Season Wedding Cake Moss Green Orange Red

#8 Nightmare Before Christmas Groom’s Cake

The Tim Burton series of cakes continues with this groom’s cake. A very popular series.

Corpse Bride Grooms Cake Topsy Turvy

#7 Bar Mitzvah Cake

I was really impressed with the entire setup for this Bar Mitzvah at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. The event’s theme was “pen & ink” and we hand painted panels on the cake with designs and numbers to resemble a calligrapher’s work.

Ecru & Black Bar Mitzvah Cake

#6 Butterfly Wedding Cupcake Tower

The wedding cupcake tier continues to be popular with couples. Autumn Lin photography took this beautiful shot.

Cupcake Tower with Butterflies and Top Cake

#5 Garden Wedding Cake

Garden Wedding Cake power blue

#4 Blossoms Wedding Cake

This wedding cake appeared in Style Magazine – they did a great job setting the theme with the background and cake stand.

Blossoms wedding Cake

#3 Rose Wedding Cake Hollywood Theme

Rose Wedding Cake Hollywood Theme

#2 Rachael Ray’s Birthday Cake

We had the honor of creating Rachael Ray’s cake for her 40th Birthday. Kristen and I were invited to the show and watched live as the cake was presented to Rachael.

Rachael Rays Birthday Cake

#1 Party Dress Cake

And…the #1 cake of 2008 which was viewed by over 100,000 visitors and has over 75 comments is our Party Dress cake. This cake won the show stopper award at the Somerset Art Association and was by far our most popular cake of the year.

 Dress Form Cake with Roses Sew Fashion

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all the gorgeous pics and posts!

  2. Ferwa says:

    haha, the hollywood themed cake is my desktop background! :P lol

  3. These all look so great – and they taste even better. Looking forward to working with you guys again really soon. Hopefully even for my OWN wedding! Have a great 2009 and keep in touch.
    SPArties Mobile Spa!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Janet – Have a happy and healthy 2009!

  4. giz says:

    How do you even pick favourites – they’re all my favourites.
    Happy New Year Ann

  5. Tanya says:

    I am in total awe of your cakes!! I often just browse around your site and marvel at your creations!!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks for visiting Tanya – I appreciate your comment!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I love your site, love your cakes they are simply magnificent! I especially love your Fall cake and the Tim Burton Nightmare Groomsman cake. If my son were to get married now, he’d probably try to talk his fiance into getting that one as a wedding cake. I love them all!!

  7. Knittysue says:

    Your cakes are all so creative and spectacular that I couldn’t begin to choose even the top 10.
    I’m sending you best wishes for 2009 to be an even bigger year than the last for you and your business.
    Thanks for all your work on this blog to keep us updated with your beautiful creations, it truely inspires me and gives me strength each time I have a family wedding cake to make since I don’t do it on a regular basis. I’ll be doing 1 for July this year with a scottish theme.
    Happy 2009 and I’m so looking forward to seeing your Network Challenges…I just love that show.

    1. Anne says:

      Sue – it’s comments like yours that help motivate us to keep the blog up to date. Thanks so much for your comment and have a great 2009!


  8. Amy says:

    The cakes are lovely. It is just amazing what can be done now with cakes. They would look good served on my painted plates!


  9. Wow, what fabulous cakes. The party dress is particularly stunning.

  10. teri says:

    your cakes are great!

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