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Top Ten Cakes 2009 (2009)

Following up last years best of 2008 cakes, here is 2009’s best cakes of the year. As usual, the cakes were chosen based on number of views, number of comments and personal favorites.

We want to thank our families, friends, employees, customers and visitors to this blog for helping make 2009 a great success!

#10 Humidor Cake

A 60th birthday cake for a cigar aficionado. A fun cake to make!

Humidor Cigar Cake with Zippo Lighter

#8 Food Network Birthday Cake

Our second appearance on the Food Network Cake Challenge series lead to this cake. Although we didn’t win, we were very proud of the cake!

Birthday Cake for Food Network

#7 Yankee Stadium Cake

Yankee Stadium Birthday Cake

#6 Bat Mitzvah Shopping Cake

The first of many Bat/Bar Mitzvah cakes to make it into the Top 10 this year.

Shopping Extravaganza Bat Mitzvah Cake

#5 Haunted House Cake

A really scary Halloween cake!

Spooky Haunted House with pumpkins and ghosts

#4 Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah Cake

The highlight of this cake is the spinning motor we added to spin the globe. See the video here.

Spinning Globe Bar Mitzvah Cake

#3 Party Dress Bat Mitzvah Cake

Our party dress returns for the 2009 top ten list – this time for a Bat Mitzvah. (Last year our original party dress cake was #1)

Party Form Dress Cake

#2 TLC Legoland Birthday Cake

Our proudest accomplishment of 2009. Our winning cake from the TLC Ultimate Cake Off included spinning tiers, lights, a working waterfall and was 7 feet 4 inches in height!

Happy Birthday Legoland 10th Anniversary Cake

#1 Bat Mitzvah Topsy Turvy Cake

And…the #1 cake of 2009 was our 6 tier topsy turvy bat mitzvah cake.

Bat Miztvah Topsy Turvy Cake

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  1. Wow!! Fabulous cakes!!!The two that caught my eye the most are the Spinning Globe Bar Mitvah cake and the Sam I Am Topsy Turvy cake. Really impressive!
    Lorelie Carvey

  2. Ferwa says:

    you guys extended yourself beyond imagination this year…congratulations….

  3. Yup! I’d have to agree with you. Your work is simply stunning. You are a true artist! Love the shopping cake but I’m in awe of the “scary” cake.

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Juliet :)

  4. Brianna says:

    All great cakes!! I loved the Legoland cake and loved seeing it get built on the Ultimate Cake Off.

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