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RealMorris – Sweet Art (08)

In September of ’07 we were asked to create a dresser cake for the grand opening party at the British Pine Emporium in Madison, NJ. Recently we had the honor of recreating the cake for an article in the Morris Magazine:

After figuring how the 2-foot-tall cake would structurally work, Heap made marbleized fondant, using brown and ivory, to re-create the grains of the wood. For an antique touch, she brushed liquid food coloring over the sugar paste and airbrushed the whole thing.
Gold fleur-de-lis drawer knobs completed the look, along with sugar pink roses in a sugar vase. She even created stray sugar petals and scattered them on the top of the chest.
“At the party, guests first thought the cake was in the dresser,” Heap said. “People come to me with happy events — a wedding, a christening, a grand opening — and sometimes I just want to create something spectacular. Maybe re-create fabric on a dress or design a cake with Swarovski crystals.”
The reward, she said, is to see people’s faces.

Pine Dresser Cake

Sugar Pink Roses in Sugar Vase

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  1. Melissa says:

    That came out great! Love the details to it. I actually thought the flowers were real! Amazing to know it’s all sugar.

  2. Ferwa says:

    I love your roses they look so much more real and rose like than other decorators’ !

  3. Jeanne says:

    All of the details are what makes this cake incredible, just like everything else you do. Congratulations on many jobs well done!

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