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Sweet 16 Cake (676)

We prepared this 4 tier topsy turvy cake for a sweet 16 party in Clifton, NJ this past weekend. The bottom tier included pink, silver and black stripes of different widths. The 3rd tier was decorated with circles covering a pink fondant background while the 2nd tier was decorated with a zebra print pattern and a pink bow. Finally we topped it off with a black diamond patterned top tier and a silver 16 on top with stars. The flavors included vanilla with raspberry chambord, chocolate with peanut butter, and our signature pink velvet with raspberry chambord.

Sweet 16 cake sliver & black

We received this wonderful letter from the birthday girl:

Dear Anne,
Thank you SO MUCH for the cake you made for my sweet 16. It looked amazing and was a big hit! All my friends loved the cake! Not only did it look outstanding it tasted SO good. I cannot thank you enough. The cookies you also made for my party favors were also amazing! All of my friends have been calling me after they ate the cookies because at first they were to afraid to eat something so amazing but once they had it they just had to rave about how amazing it was. All of your work is amazing I always have to look at the new cakes you make on your website because they are all simply beautiful! My favorite cake with the cupcakes and cookies you have made though are obviously the ones you made for my party. It simply made the night and I will definitely be back for other events! Thank you so much once again!

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  1. Ferwa says:


  2. Claire says:

    Oh Wow =) This Cake Looks Amazing All your Cakes Look Great =)

  3. John Gilbert says:

    Beutiful and eccentric! I loved the color scheme!

  4. lulu says:

    Wow!!!!! I love all the cakes !!! I wish that there was a store in Guatemala.

  5. Anne says:

    Thanks everyone.

    Lulu – no plans for a store in Guatemala…at least not yet ;)

  6. Melissa says:

    This cake looks sooo pretty!!! How do you make the topsy turvy cakes? Do you just shape them and stack them? As always, your cake is awesome!

    1. donna says:

      They turn the cakes upside down and cut off on the top slanted whatever they don’t want.

  7. ursula says:

    wow !!abosolutely…
    stunnin amazin no words!
    awsome i love it …aww yeah && i wish you guys had
    a bakery in los angels..

    i love the cake ,all your work is amazing keep it up .<3

  8. damey says:

    OMG! This cake is amazing, and I wish more than ANYTHING that I could have one just like it for my 21st birthday coming up in October. I am absolutely obsessed with zebra print and my favorite color is hot pink!!!! Your work is unbelievable, and I am so amazed!!!! Too bad you don’t ship your cakes :(

  9. Anne says:

    Damey – Thanks so much…and I’m sorry we don’t ship cakes :(

  10. Mina says:

    The most beautiful one :)

  11. Kassie says:

    OMG! I ♥ these cakes! They are truly amazing! My mouth is wide open! I wish i could get cakes like this for my upcoming 16 b day!

  12. Jo says:

    Wow, you guys do great work. Thank you for giving us so many ideas for our birthdays and weddings that are comming up…. Thanks again.

  13. Lexie says:

    I am in love with this cake!!
    You should really look into shipping your cakes,,
    you would have cake orders coming in like crazy!!!

  14. Kahleez says:

    tHiS cAke iS s0o000 PREttY;;
    L00KS LiKE S0METHiNH 0N AMAZiNG WEddiNG CAkES !!!! =]

  15. Rose says:

    They are the most !!!Beutiful!!! cakes I ever saw = > you guys should really look into shipping your cakes you would have cake orders coming from all over the place

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Rose – shipping cakes like ours is *very* challenging :)

  16. Melyssa says:

    woww. gorgeous cake. i really want this for my sweet 16 party, but my only problem is i don’t like what the flavors of the cake are. would yu be able to switch that?

    1. Anne says:

      Hi Melyssa – Thanks for your comment. All our cakes are made custom to order including the flavors. So you can choose any flavors you want for the cake.


  17. missy says:

    IM IN LOVE WITH THIS CAKE! OOMMGGGGG!!! ZEBRA PRINT IS MY FAVORITEEEEEEEEEEEE! AND HOT PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR! I WANT THIS FOR MY SWEET 16 IN OCTOBER!!!!!!! i live in New York though. can i still order it? and how much would it be? i really love this cakeeeeee ! (: Ur AMAZINGGGGGGG! i love baking and decorating cakes…i wish i was as good as uuuu! ur awesome and i love it…it’s perfect!!!

    1. Anne says:

      Hi Missy – yes we do delivery to New York City.

  18. Missy says:

    I LOVE THIS CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S AMAZINGG! i want it for my sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ommmggg i love it sooo much! zebra is my favorite prinnttt! ahh i loveee itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt(:

  19. danielle says:

    omg i love your cakes but this one caught my eye i want it for my 16th

  20. dawn bonilla says:

    your cakes are fantasic wish you were close to me looking for a cake for my daughters sweet sixteen nothing around here even comes close to your cakes im in mass. wish there was a way

  21. Lucy says:

    I love this cake
    It´s a beautiful cake
    the decoration it´s amazing

  22. Pau says:

    I really love your cakes! I want one for my sweet 16! haha I could buy one there and then bring it to mexico! haha… Really you should put bakeries in all America, at least!

  23. jenifer says:

    I really love your fancy cakes Anne, They amazingly amaze me When i first knew about this site! The cake the most made me surprised is… THE ZEBRA STRIPED SWEET 16 CAKE!! It looks wonderful!! Im going to tell all my friends & fam’ily about this wonderful site! :)

    P.S. Your cakes (3ajebnee= hits my heart)

    love jenifer <333 :) ;Pp MwaHHhhh…

  24. leaunshae says:

    Hi, do you deliver to suiltand,MD?

    1. Anne says:


      Sorry we don’t typically deliver that far. We deliver to New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut & Eastern Pennsylvania. Check out our delivery map for more information.

  25. Julia says:

    ohhh im getting married.. i wished you’re here in Indonesia.. will you come and make a cake for me ;)
    I really do loooooveeee your cakeee…
    Thumbs up for you :)

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Julia :)

  26. Monae says:

    i am in love with this cake !
    my sweet sixteen is soon , me and my mom love this cake .
    too bad we just moved from pennsylvania to down south :(

  27. sarah beth says:

    hi,anne your cakes are amazing we really wish you could deliver down in Ky(Kentucky),for my sweet 13 party

    1. Anne says:

      Sorry Sara Beth…maybe one day we’ll open up a shop in Kentucky…

  28. Lydia says:

    hey i love your cake designs! my sweet 16 is coming up i will contact you soon!
    i live in ny

  29. Anne says:

    Thanks Andrea! Sorry we don’t deliver to Mexico :)

  30. Nicole Brennan says:

    Oh my god Anne, I love this cake. My sweet sixteen is in August and I want this cake so badly! Its like edible art! My dress is a certain green, and I was wondering if I do order this cake can I change the color to match my dress? And is it possible to pick it up, or will it be delivered if it is ordered?

  31. Anne says:

    Hi Nicole – Thanks for your compliments. Glad you enjoy the cake. All our cakes are made to order and we deliver to NY, PA, NJ and Eastern PA. Please contact us for more information

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