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Squeaky Clean! (2)

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Pink Cake Box Specialty Wedding Shop So I have this small obsession. With Bleach. Fantastik with Bleach will do. I inherited this obsession from my mother. And with this strange fanaticism comes an equally compulsive addiction with clean floors. It really isn’t funny. I will crawl under tables if I have to.

My faithful employees have of course learned of my crazy love – as I inspect the mop job each night. I apologize to them incessantly as I know I’m beyond irritating! I can’t even help it. It’s like a little voice is in my head yelling ‘rub – a -dub-dub!’ It’s not a crazy schizophrenic type of voice – more like a little cheerleader, cheering for Team Soap.

Ok – so I promise there is a point to this rant…. Last week we received a surprise visit from Julie, our friendly neighborhood health inspector! Of course I was excited and yelled, “Health Department, Man Your Stations!”…. A long story short…we got an A+! No discrepancies! That’s better than no cavities! I beamed at the squeaky clean cake shop, as a proud, slightly neurotic mama.

So the moral of the story is that there is a time and a place for extreme compulsive behavior. The time is now, the place is Pink Cake Box, and the compulsion is clean.

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  1. cathy says:

    this post is pulitzer prize worthy writing ;o)

  2. Tani says:

    You shop looks amazing. Is it bi level? I saw the banister and was like wow. can you post pictures of your shop?

  3. Anne says:

    Thanks Tani – It’s not bi-level. You can see more photos in this video from CNN.

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