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Red Rose & Black Damask Wedding Cake (1627)

Red Rose & Black Damask Wedding Cake

Inspired by our red rose damask wedding cake, this four tier cake includes rose separators, detailed black damask patterns and a monogram for the bride and groom.

Update: We recently recreated this red rose cake in a smaller two tier version for a wedding.

Red Rose Damask Wedding Cake

Red Rose Damask Wedding Cake

While we can certainly recreate any of our existing cakes, remember that we can customize our wedding cakes to match the theme of your wedding. For further inspiration check out our winter themed wedding cake gallery!

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2 Comments for “Red Rose & Black Damask Wedding Cake”

  • Kayla says:

    Stunning! Do you use the cricut cake by any chance? Or are all of your cut outs done by hand? Thought about getting the machine, but I can’t justify spending that when I could learn a unique skill instead :D

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