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Pink Bow Wedding Cupcake Stand (1616)

Our client Heather was kind enough to share wedding cake photos from her photographer, Laura Bruen. We reached out to Laura and were able to get a few more of her photos to share. In this first set, we’ve posted a few photos of the pink bow cupcake stand we created for Heather’s wedding.

Pink Ribbon Wedding Cupcake Stand

Cupcake Wedding Stand

Candy Table with Cupcake Stand

Thanks to Heather for this kind note about the cupcakes, stand and wedding cake:

Just wanted to send a couple of customer appreciation photos for you. Our wedding cake was amazing and the cookies and cupcakes too. Thanks for helping to make our day special!

Please visit Laura Bruen’s wedding photographery site for more fantastic photographs.

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  2. Michelle says:

    Love PCB I love the bumble bee cookies toooo cute, but what is celadon? and what is it used for.

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