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Nintendo DS ‘Bejeweled’ Groom’s Cake (764)

Back in December, Bernie Peng of Jersey City came up with an impressive marriage proposal idea – recreate the popular video game Bejeweled for his girlfriend on the Nintendo DS. He programmed the game from scratch and added a twist – when his girlfriend reached a certain score an image of a ring and marriage proposal would pop up.

To thank her fiancé for such a creative marriage proposal, Tammy Li commissioned us to recreate the Nintendo DS gaming console as a surprise for their wedding day. The Nintendo DS is an almond cake with mocha filling and is decorated with edible sugar paste jewels. Congratulations to both Tammy and Bernie!


To read more about this creative marriage proposal:
NJ Journal
Star Ledger

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  1. Ria says:

    That is just the sweetest story, and the awesomest cake! As a geek/nerd and video gamer myself, that has to be the coolest marriage proposal I’ve ever heard of! And that cake is even more awesome! :)

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