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More Easter Cupcakes (584)

Here is a collage of some easter cupcakes we made last week.

Easter Cupcakes

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  1. babette says:

    I just wanted to say to you that your “job” is simply splendid, I love it! It’s exactly my dream to have a pastry like yours. I am french and here cake are very not the same as yours. do you have edit a book?

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks Babette! We don’t have a book…yet :) Also stay tuned as I’m working on a french version of the website. My mother is a french teacher and she is translating our blog to french :)

  3. babette says:

    oh this is good :) I understand english but I can’t speak et write very well ;) I visit your blog every day because I so much love your cakes!

  4. Anne says:

    Thanks Babette. We’ll let you know when the french version launches.

  5. These cupcakes are gorgeous! So cute! :)