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Happy Halloween! (449)

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Pink M&Ms Trick or Treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.

Why would I give a tasty treat to someone who forces me to smell their stinky dogs? I mean really. Somewhere along the way this had to have been lost in translation.

“Trick or treat, I’ll rub your feet. Give me something good to eat.” That makes more sense to me. Although I’m sure there are probably laws out there against children exchanging foot massages for miniature Snickers bars. I think Chris Hansen did a special on that last week.

I know I’d rub a foot or two for a few bags of Skittles. That’s for sure. Or Berry Berry Mike and Ikes. There’s so much berry berry flavor packed into every one of those bad boys. Yum.

Well – I hope you have a Happy Halloween. And nobody makes you smell their feet. And no crazy lunatics stick needles in your Goobers.

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