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Happy Birthday Monkey Cake (2081)

This chocolate cake with raspberry filling was inspired by a cake created by the talented cake artists at Sugar Creations. This customer found one of their cakes online and asked me to use it as inspiration.

Monkey Happy Birthday Cake

Monkies Happy Birthday Cake

Jungle Monkey Birthday Cake

Jungle Monkey Birthday Cake

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  1. Landa says:

    This cake is adorable. Great work.

  2. I love this, such cutie

  3. rebekka says:

    Have you ever done competitions? Your work just never ceases to astound me!

  4. Anne says:

    Thanks! No I haven’t done any competitions yet….I would love to though!

  5. Alicat says:

    how adorable! I’ve noticed that monkeys can sometimes turn out quite scary but you have made your so cute! Amazing job. :)

  6. chrissie says:

    how exactly did you do your palm trees? i cant exactly see the design of the individual leaves. this cake is amazing! you did such a great job, hopefully my sons birthday cake will turn out somewhat attractive, lol

  7. Nadhrah says:

    This is the amazing cake that i never seen in my live……..
    Can you move your shop to MALAYSIA……PLZ
    if u move i will buy your cake everyday

  8. Michelle says:

    wow~this cake is cute!

  9. Lawson says:

    Amazing cake , is this somethign that can be made an shipped?

  10. Anne says:

    Chrissie – we cut the palm trees by hand. They are made out of fondant.

    Michelle – Thanks!

    Lawson – Sorry we can’t ship cakes

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