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Food Network Cake Challenge

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Diann let us know there is more information about the show on the Food Network Website
So part of me is really not happy with the other part of me that is writing this post. I’m not superstitious or anything, but I do knock on wood, or my head if a tree isn’t available…and I don’t open umbrellas inside…and I will swerve to avoid having a black cat cross my path…(which is more often than I’d like since my neighbor has one…a black cat that is). I digress…. I’m hesitant to write this post in fear that I might jinx myself…

But against my better judgment…here it goes! I’m competing in a Food Network Cake Challenge! I don’t know when it will air – but I will let you know when it does! I can’t really give any more information right now… but I will tell you that I’m excited and nervous and happy and sort of nauseous all at the same time. Yippy! Who doesn’t love elation with a twist of indigestion? It’s cool though because I have lots of Rolaids.

Well I just thought I’d blog about it – hopefully I will do ok…will finish my cake, it won’t spontaneously combust, and/or I don’t drop it…..although I don’t think anyone has done spontaneous combustion yet…so maybe that could be kind of fun….

There you go…a frighteningly realistic view of the thoughts that run through my crazy mind…

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  1. montee says:

    How amazing and cool is this?! I can’t wait to hear more about it! In my opinion, you’re going to do quite well!

  2. Wow, congrats! That’s totally awesome :D I look forward to watching you on TV! Good luck and I hope you win :)

  3. Sia says:

    Congratulations! All the best. I’m sure you’ll do amazingly well! Can’t wait to hear details!!!

  4. Tara says:

    That’s awesome! You’ll do AWESOME. Congrats!

  5. doreen says:

    I LOVE watching the Food Network Cake Challenges! You’ll do great!!! Good luck!

  6. Kate says:

    Oh my goodness! I follow your blog constantly and love love love it. I know you will do so well. Congrats! That is such a compliment to your work, just to be chosen to do it! Have fun and I can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

  7. Sara says:

    Wow! That is very exciting. I can’t wait to watch it. l love food network challenge, especially the cake ones!

  8. Ferwa says:

    YAY! Good Luck :D

  9. Anne says:

    Thanks for the support everyone :)

  10. Laura says:

    Congratulations! We will be rooting for you!

  11. Laura says:

    That is so exciting!! I love watching the cake challenges. I’m sure you will do great and be the winner!! Best of luck! Please be sure to keep us posted on when the show will air.

  12. Wow! Congrats – such exciting news! I don’t know when I’ll ever get to see it as FoodTV Canada isn’t very with it when it comes to the challenges – but good luck to you!

  13. nayeli says:

    Dear Anne, I wish you the best… keep us posted so we know when to look for you.
    I know you will do grate, do not feel jinx at all lots and lots of good energy is already heading your way from all your fans!

  14. Shara says:

    Congratulations Anne! I am so happy for you. I know you will do well and that no matter what you will learn SO much!

  15. Landa says:

    I will be looking forward to it!!!

  16. Mary says:

    Congratulations on being invited to participate in a Food Network Challenge!
    That’s quite an honor to participate – what great exposure you’ll receive for yourself and your shop!

    Best wishes for a smooth competition day. We’ve been watching your work through your blog and know you
    have the talent to do a fabulous job! I’ll be cheering you on!


  17. Suzanne says:

    You will be awesome! Your cakes are just as gorgeous as the ones on the Food Network if not better :) Please let us know when it will be on TV, I always watch those!


  18. Ruth says:

    AWESOME! I love the cake challenges! and I love your cake design! I can’t wait to see you on the show, and to see you do VERY well!

  19. Prudence says:

    Great news!! Good luck! Watch out for that Kerry Vincent! She is a piece of wrk!

  20. Christy says:

    How exciting! I love watching these shows!

  21. giz says:

    I just found your blog – absolutely beautiful. Please let us know when you’re going to be on the challenge – I never miss them. The talent is always incredible.

  22. Great news. Kudos. You deserve it. Your work is phenominal. Keep us posted!

  23. I LOVE your cakes, and good luck on the Food Network Cake Challenge. I will be rooting for you!

  24. Diann says:


    I don’t know if it is too late, but if any of you would like to attend, the taping is on Monday, June 23, 2008
    from 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. If I’m reading it right, the contest is in Centennial, CO. (Sadly nowhere near where I can attend).

    Follow this link for details:,2495,FOOD_20077_5709901,00.html

    Good luck Anne – your cakes are a lot of fun.


  25. Jen says:

    Congrats!!! That is so exciting!!! It is almost worth the drive to colorado!!!

  26. Jenny says:

    Any news on this yet??

  27. Anne says:

    Jenny – haven’t heard about the air date yet…Will let you know as soon as we find out!

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