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Grooms Cake – Film Reel Cake (77)

Film Reel Novelty Cake
Film Reel Cake
The couple owns a production company and the bride surprised the groom with this cake. Opposites attract was their theme.

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4 Comments for “Grooms Cake – Film Reel Cake”

  • Nina says:

    What a beautiful cake! How did you get their pictures on the cake? Did you use transfer paper on fondant?

  • Anne says:

    Thank you! I used my icing printer to print out the pictures and them attached them to a strip of chocolate fondant. I cut wholes with a pastry tip on the sides of the fondant to achieve a negative effect.

    • Sally Ho says:

      I’m thinking about using this type of cake for my Sweet Sixteen. Is it possible to have a different cake structure and more pictures on my reel? It would make my my day glorious and spectacular. Please respond. I would really enjoy the reponse. Thank you in advance!

      Sally Ho ([email protected])

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