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Fall Cupcake Stand Setup (1115)

September in NJ brings cooler weather and lots of weddings. This weekend we created 120 orange velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream for a wedding reception at the Chart House in Weehawken, NJ.

Cupcake Stand Topper Cake with Orange Velvet

Along with the cupcakes we created a topper cake decorated in ivory pearl fondant with a light brown ribbon around the middle with a gold sparkly brooch in the center. We used natural toned orange roses on the top of the cake with lime green hypericum berries. To complete the package, the bride and groom rented our medium cupcake stand to display the topper cake and cupcakes.

Fatima left us this wonderful comment about her stand. Thanks Fatima!

Wow, Anne these are my cupcakes! Thank you soooo very much. It looked absolutely stunning with my theme/decor etc. I mean it was just perfect. Not only that but these were the best cupcakes i have ever tasted! Sean and i intended to feed each other just a bite of one cupcake at the reception. However, we ended up feeding each other 2 cupcakes lol! Yes in front of everyone! We just couldn’t stop.

People are still calling me about the cupcakes and we just returned from our honeymoon lastnight. As soon as I receive my photos i will be sure to send you one of the setup. My florist made a bed of grass and he had orange roses coming up out of the grass. It was gorgeous. I can’t wait for you to see! Thank you again Anne. You’re truly amazing!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Orange velvet? My goodness! I actually saw a pic of it once months ago, but to see it created by you guys is beyond words. Those cupcakes look so beautiful, and scrumptious too! ^^ Was the topper cake made of orange velvet as well?

    Greetings from Mexico! Big fan of your work! :D

  2. Anne says:

    Hi Melissa. Thanks for your support and comment :) I actually don’t remember if the topper cake was orange velvet…sorry!

  3. Oh, God! That’s amazing!
    And seems delicious!

  4. Gauri says:

    Hi Dear…nice creation…i m just fall in love with cupcake stand up setup. Really amazing work…well done

  5. The orange color is so vibrant. Let me know if you need a commercial photographer to take pictures of your wonderful cakes.

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