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Expectant Couple Cake and Cupcake Combo (1519)

Expecting Mother and Father to be with Baby Carriage

Day 3 of our pregnant mommy to-be posting extravaganza brings us this chic couple pushing a baby carriage with twins. The mother looks especially fashionable in her matching high heels, dress and scarf. Rounding out the decorations on this topper cake are white blossom branches.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Hi – everything you make is incredible.

    I was wondering what icing tip you use for the cupcake swirl?


  2. Wanda says:

    Is the pregnant women edible. It looks so real?

    1. Anne says:

      Yeah Wanda – they are edible :)

  3. Dani Tess says:

    I know the pregrant mommy toppers are now almost a staple of your bakery, but this is my absolute favorite. I just think it’s so great that the father made it onto the cake as well. I mean I know Mommies do all the work during pregnancies, but, come on, Daddies are important too!! I also like how sophistacated the cherry blossom makes it all. It’s not cutsey, you know? It’s very elegant. And let’s face it – a baby carriage with twins? That’s just too adorable. Seriously. Too. Adorable. And perfectly executed. I may be a good decade away from a baby shower of my own, but a cake topper like this better make it there anyway.

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks so much Dani!!!

  4. Brittany K. says:

    Wow! This is one of my favorites, it is amazing! Love your work!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Brittany – I love this one too :)

  5. Mariel says:

    oh my goodness! it is absolutely beautiful… definitely art :)

  6. shanell says:

    This cake just blew me away!!!! I like the one with the mom and the bags w baby, and the mom sitting on the cake but this just tops it off!!!!! I love it

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Shanell!

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