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80’s Breakdancing 16th Birthday Cake (786)

Last year we created a sweet 16 mardi gras themed cake for a client. This year the same client asked us to create a retro 16th birthday cake for her brother. Her brother’s birthday was going to be an eighties themed party with an emphasis on hip hop and breakdancing.

What resulted was this two tier graffiti covered cake with a boom box and silhouettes of breakdancers against the wall. Inside the cake was red velvet cake with raspberry chambord and chocolate cake with oreos and cream.

Eighties Breakdancing cake boombox breakdancer 80's

Breakdancers on grafitti

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  1. Melissa says:

    Oh wow! I bet the brother LOVED this cake. It came out awesome!!!!!

  2. Shana-Lynn says:

    Wow, I just found your blog. Your work is just amazing. Beautiful art!!!

  3. Laura C says:

    Did you create the brick effect with a stamp???

  4. Mayra Cruz says:

    I love this idea for my fiance’s groom’s cake. I wish you were in Houston, Texas :( Would you happen to have any more pictures of the front of the cake?

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