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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cake – Food Network (2015)

Snoopy Pilgrim Cake with Woodstock

Food Network Challenge Snoopy & Woodstock Pilgrim Cake

Wowee! Mama Khoobs showed up at Challenge!? What?! It was a big surprise…especially because I thought she was home taking care of JJ! Beverly and I were so happy to see her and she did a wonderful job on her Thanksgiving plate cake! Looking forward to eating her non-fondant versions in a few weeks! I was very proud that Kerry applauded her efforts as well! ;0

Close-up of Woodstock

Close-up of Woodstock

We hit a few obstacles (of course!), but Snoopy did keep his chin up in the end….which was fantastic! I want to say a big THANK YOU to Beverly! You rocked it lady! I couldn’t have done it without you….and we had fun too, making out with Snoopy and what not ;) But seriously…you always know just how to keep me calm!

Mom with her thanksgiving dinner cake

Mom with her thanksgiving dinner cake

I will never forget this Challenge for so many reasons….

Top 3:
1) My mom was there!
2) I missed my little guy so much I cried the whole way to the airport!
But MOST of all:
3) I discussed pumping on National TV :) Lucky for you the camera man didn’t follow me! haha

Anne & Beverly

Anne & Beverly

Anyway, it was a super fun Challenge – I really enjoyed making Snoopy and Woodstock! Congratulations to Matthew on his win! Great job :) And to Wendy and Orlando too! You both did awesome jobs – and all of your moms were fantastic!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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