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Cake Videos

Each week we create a short video showcasing some of our favorite cakes. Click on any of the images below to view the video.
Easter Egg Cake – Happy Easter!)
Easter Egg Cake – Happy Easter!
We created this for a Easter family party in New Vernon, NJ. The 2 tie... Read More
(2140) Easter Egg Cake – Happy Easter!
Sweet 16 Damask Cupcake Tower)
Sweet 16 Damask Cupcake Tower
We’ve been doing more Ombré style cakes this year and here̵... Read More
(2142) Sweet 16 Damask Cupcake Tower
White Wedding Flower Cake)
White Wedding Flower Cake
This weekend at the Central Park Boathouse in NYC we delivered our fir... Read More
(2137) White Wedding Flower Cake
Golfer’s 50th Birthday Cake)
Golfer’s 50th Birthday Cake
Charlie celebrated his 50th birthday this weekend and we worked to mak... Read More
(2138) Golfer’s 50th Birthday Cake
Peanut Butter Cup Birthday Cake)
Peanut Butter Cup Birthday Cake
Today we celebrated my nephew Brian’s 6th birthday! Every year B... Read More
(2131) Peanut Butter Cup Birthday Cake

Classic 60’s Groom’s Car Cake)
Classic 60’s Groom’s Car Cake
Cynthia asked us to help replicate her fiance’s classic car, a 1... Read More
(2128) Classic 60’s Groom’s Car Cake
Lavender Ombre Bat Mitzvah cake)
Lavender Ombre Bat Mitzvah cake
We partnered with our client and Phyllis Skolnick from Extraordinary P... Read More
(2124) Lavender Ombre Bat Mitzvah cake
Alexis’s Sweet 16 Cake)
Alexis’s Sweet 16 Cake
Alexis celebrated her sweet 16 this past weekend at the Vibe in Riverd... Read More
(2123) Alexis’s Sweet 16 Cake
Pi Cake (3.14))
Pi Cake (3.14)
Anyone heard of the holiday Pi day before? This year I had the privile... Read More
(2121) Pi Cake (3.14)
White Paisley Wedding Cake)
White Paisley Wedding Cake
Michele and her husband celebrated their nuptials at the Park Avenue C... Read More
(2122) White Paisley Wedding Cake

Shopping Baby Shower Cupcake Tower)
Shopping Baby Shower Cupcake Tower
Inspired by our fashion and shopping topper cake, this cupcake tower i... Read More
(2118) Shopping Baby Shower Cupcake Tower
Serge’s Sweet Sugar Surprise!)
Serge’s Sweet Sugar Surprise!
Another birthday cake for my brother Serge! Last year we did an iPad c... Read More
(2117) Serge’s Sweet Sugar Surprise!
Ballerina Themed Dessert Table)
Ballerina Themed Dessert Table
This weekend we created a ballerina themed dessert table for Nina̵... Read More
(2114) Ballerina Themed Dessert Table
40th Birthday Dachshund Cake)
40th Birthday Dachshund Cake
Max, the very cute and friendly Dachshund, is all dressed up for Tracy... Read More
(2108) 40th Birthday Dachshund Cake
90th Birthday Floral Cake)
90th Birthday Floral Cake
We created this cake for our friend Pat’s mother’s 90th bi... Read More
(2102) 90th Birthday Floral Cake

Champagne Silver Bucket Cake)
Champagne Silver Bucket Cake
This was an exciting cake for us to make because we were able to incor... Read More
(2101) Champagne Silver Bucket Cake
Pink Zebra Print Cupcake Tower)
Pink Zebra Print Cupcake Tower
Kate celebrated her six birthday with this hot pink zebra print cupcak... Read More
(2091) Pink Zebra Print Cupcake Tower
Pink Ombré Wedding Cake)
Pink Ombré Wedding Cake
This past weekend we had the pleasure of participating in the Country ... Read More
(2090) Pink Ombré Wedding Cake
Green Hydrangea Wedding Cake)
Green Hydrangea Wedding Cake
We had the opportunity to deliver another cake to the beautiful Stoneh... Read More
(2087) Green Hydrangea Wedding Cake
JJ’s First Birthday Cake)
JJ’s First Birthday Cake
Today we celebrated JJ’s first birthday! I cannot believe a whol... Read More
(2072) JJ’s First Birthday Cake

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Antique Tea Party Shower Cake
To coordinate with the bride’s French tea party bridal shower th... Read More
(2390) Antique Tea Party Shower Cake

Hello, It was a hit!!!! The cake was more than I ever expected!!!It was perfection!!!! It was, as we say "La pièce de résistance." I am sure you will have many orders coming!
My daughter's bridal shower was absolutely well coordinated with the cake being the actual centerpiece. She was extremely happy & very surprised! I shall send you some pictures!
Thank you for making our special day such a memorable one! The macaroons were handed out as hors d'oeuvres.. (so decadent!!!!!) And now that I think about it... where did the left overs go?!!!! Hmmmm
You are fantastic!!! Merci, Teresa