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Unique and delectably delicious cupcakes including our popular cupcake stands. Perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and birthdays. We deliver to New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania.
First Communion Cupcake Topper
It’s that time of year again when we start getting many more fir...
(1009) First Communion Cupcake Topper
Mother-to-be Cake Topper
We worked in several details for this pregnant lady cake topper includ...
(992) Mother-to-be Cake Topper
Animal Print Cupcakes
We personalized these animal print cupcakes with an assortment of adje...
(990) Animal Print Cupcakes
Bridal Shower Daisy Cupcakes
We created 75 daisy cupcakes and packaged them in these white boxes wi...
(987) Bridal Shower Daisy Cupcakes
Doggy Cupcakes & Cookies
The bride’s dog and the groom’s dog were the inspiration f...
(984) Doggy Cupcakes & Cookies

Blue Baby Shower Cupcakes
We setup this topper cake, cupcakes and 5 tier cupcake stand for Jen&#...
(983) Blue Baby Shower Cupcakes
Pink Bundt Cake with Cupcakes
We created this look-a-like bundt cake and cupcakes for a pastry theme...
(982) Pink Bundt Cake with Cupcakes
Fortune Cookie Baby Shower Cupcakes
A few weeks ago we created a fortune cookie cake, and this week the th...
(969) Fortune Cookie Baby Shower Cupcakes
Mad Hatter Cupcakes
An assortment of Mad Hatter cupcakes including Mad Hatter’s hat ...
(968) Mad Hatter Cupcakes
Ballerina Inspired Cupcake Topper
Here’s a christening cupcake topper set we created with mini cup...
(959) Ballerina Inspired Cupcake Topper

Decades Birthday Cupcakes
This cupcake topper with cupcakes celebrates each decade for the birth...
(954) Decades Birthday Cupcakes
Two Peas in a Pod Cupcakes
This mom-to-be is expecting twins! So we thought the two peas in a pod...
(940) Two Peas in a Pod Cupcakes
Doggy Birthday Cupcakes
Our mini white lab from a previous baby shower cake makes another appe...
(930) Doggy Birthday Cupcakes
Diamond Birthday Cupcakes
A deep red with diamond patterns in black and white cover this cupcake...
(908) Diamond Birthday Cupcakes
90s Themed Sweet 16 Cake
It started with an 80s themed sweet 16 cake, and now we have a sweet 1...
(911) 90s Themed Sweet 16 Cake

Sophisticated Mother-to-be Cake Topper
I love the look of this sophisticated mother-to-be topper.  She is dr...
(903) Sophisticated Mother-to-be Cake Topper
Musical Birthday Cake
The music theme was carried through for both the cupcakes and 2 tier c...
(906) Musical Birthday Cake
Christening Cake & Cupcakes
This topper cake celebrated the christening of GianCarlo. The topper c...
(887) Christening Cake & Cupcakes
Christening Cupcake Cake
This giant cupcake with a pink wrapper and giant sprinkles and lollipo...
(879) Christening Cupcake Cake
Happy Thanksgiving
I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty full! I’m not...
(875) Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Cake and Cupcakes
Happy Halloween! We hope everyone has a great Halloween!...
(824) Happy Halloween Pumpkin Cake and Cupcakes
Pink Tutu Birthday Cupcakes
We received a call in September asking us if we could create a batch o...
(808) Pink Tutu Birthday Cupcakes
Cowboy Cupcakes and Topper
Royal blue fondant with a red number 1 covers this cake topper we crea...
(799) Cowboy Cupcakes and Topper
LadyBug Cupcakes (BugCakes!)
An assortment of caterpillars, ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies t...
(784) LadyBug Cupcakes (BugCakes!)
Cosmopolitan & Martini Cupcake Tower
This fun martini and cosmopolitan themed cake topper and cupcakes were...
(770) Cosmopolitan & Martini Cupcake Tower

Sweet 16 Cupcakes
We decorated this two tier cupcake topper cake with white orchids, ros...
(766) Sweet 16 Cupcakes
Mini cupcakes with Cake Topper for Mother-to-be
Pink, light green and brown polka dots highlight this topper cake for ...
(761) Mini cupcakes with Cake Topper for Mother-to-be
Goodbye Party Cupcakes
A customer asked us to create this topper cake with cupcakes for her s...
(731) Goodbye Party Cupcakes
Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding Cupcakes
The cupcake themed wedding alternative is on display again this week. ...
(750) Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes – Two Peas in a Pod
This topper cake and cupcakes were created for a mother-to-be. To cele...
(747) Baby Shower Cupcakes – Two Peas in a Pod

Wedding Cupcake Tiers
We don’t often get a chance to take a photo of our cupcake tiers...
(746) Wedding Cupcake Tiers
Scrabble Themed Cupcakes
Back in November we created a wedding cake themed off of the popular s...
(737) Scrabble Themed Cupcakes
Christening cupcakes and cookies
Our cookie, cupcake and topper cake combination is becoming popular fo...
(736) Christening cupcakes and cookies
Autumn Themed Cupcakes
We created 35 cupcakes with a gold topper cake for a recent bridal sho...
(732) Autumn Themed Cupcakes
Christening Cupcake Stand
This bear themed topper cake with chocolate cupcakes was created for a...
(722) Christening Cupcake Stand

Baby Shower Cupcake Stand
We received this great picture from our customer. Along with the cupca...
(723) Baby Shower Cupcake Stand
Wedding Cupcake Stand
A few days ago, we posted a collage of several of our cupcake topper c...
(721) Wedding Cupcake Stand
1st Birthday Cupcake Tier
Crystal butterflies and flowers with pink fondant highlight this toppe...
(718) 1st Birthday Cupcake Tier
Baby Shower Topper Cake with Cupcakes
We baked an assortment of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes t...
(713) Baby Shower Topper Cake with Cupcakes
Medical Themed Cupcakes
A nurses hat, bandaid, stethoscope and first aid sign all decorate the...
(657) Medical Themed Cupcakes

Cupcakes for Bar Mitzvah
We setup and delivered this 5 tier cupcake stand for a bar mitzvah at ...
(672) Cupcakes for Bar Mitzvah
Baby Shower Cupcakes & Topper
We created a set of cupcakes and cake topper with our cupcake stand fo...
(666) Baby Shower Cupcakes & Topper
Pink Tutu Cupcake Stand
Jodi, who shot our wedding cake for Bride & Bloom, asked us to cre...
(662) Pink Tutu Cupcake Stand
Graduation Party Cupcake Stand
We created 100 cupcakes for two sister’s graduation parties this...
(655) Graduation Party Cupcake Stand
Basketball Cupcakes
We created two sets of cupcakes for a bar mitzvah in Franklin Lakes, N...
(651) Basketball Cupcakes

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Yorkie Cupcake Tower
One of our favorite customers and perhaps our most famous dog were bac... Read More
(2324) Yorkie Cupcake Tower

Hey Nicole!! It was AWESOME!! Juicy looked amazing and everything was delicious! Thank you so much! I have actually posted some pictures to the Pink Cake Box facebook page. Let me know if you can see them. Thank you for everything!!