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Ever wonder where we taped and created our most recent Food Network Cake Challenge cake? Or ever wonder if we’ve ever delivered a cake to Atlantic City? (Yes and it was a cake disguised as Tom Jones).

Through the magical technology of google maps, we can now plot exactly where our cakes were delivered and enjoyed. Take a spin here:

Pink Cake Box Cake Delivery Map

We’ve hidden some of our popular cakes in the map including our Yankee Stadium Cake and Party Dress Cake. Enjoy and check back frequently as new cakes and cupcakes will continuously be added.

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  1. Ferwa says:


    haha more ways to stalk PCB!!! lol

  2. cute :) i like this little feature – it puts things into perspective. come to kentucky!!!

  3. Libby says:

    Hmm… not seeing any pins in Texas… how am I ever going to get my dream cake disguised as Duran Duran? hee hee

  4. karla´s bakery says:

    hello friends I am very fansinada these cakes I’m from Costa Rica and the truth are my inspiration

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