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Cake Disguised as Tom Jones (727)

It’s not unusual to be a cake disguised as Tom Jones…. I sang a lot of renditions of “It’s not unusual…” while decorating this cake. I’m pretty sure my staff was happy to see the cake disguised as Tom Jones leave the premises so I would stop singing…

We created this cake disguised as Tom Jones for a group who travel to Atlantic City every year to see Tom in concert – they call it the TJ Experience. The bras and room keys are sugarpaste, as are his collar and enormous belt buckle. His hair is chocolate buttercream… we had some ‘hair’ left over and made some Tom Jones Hair Cupcakes…mmm….who doesn’t want a bite of that?

By the way, how many times have I said the “Cake Disguised as Tom Jones”? I think too many.

The top tier includes marble cake with vanilla buttercream, the middle is vanilla with chocolate buttercream and the bottom tier is chocolate cake with oreos and cream filling. See the cake disguised as Tom Jones below :)

Tom Jones Cake Belt Buckle rockstar theme

We received this great feedback about the cake:

The cake was awesome, a huge hit – my father (David the “crazy” fan) still has the belt buckle you made in a zip lock bag as a keepsake. Like Neale said his a bit “extreme.”

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  1. Amy says:

    I Love it! My mom is in love with Tom Jones. We listened to his records growing up… I’m sending her a link to this cake right now. Great job! Amy

  2. Bertie says:

    What a great idea and brilliant execution!!!! I laughed so much when I saw it! Unbelievable!!!!

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  4. Ferwa says:


  5. tjfan21 says:

    omigoodness i want this for my wedding cake lol or at least birthday that is AMAZING well done!!

  6. montee says:

    HA! This is great!

  7. Melissa says:

    oh my gosh! That is such a cool looking cake! Great job you guys!

  8. Yanique says:

    hahaha!! i love it!
    the little smirk and the hair is fab!
    and the chain!
    and the everything!


  9. Jeanne says:

    You captured the feel of Tom Jones perfectly! Where did my bra go?
    This is awesome!

  10. Anne says:

    haha…thanks everyone :)

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