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Barrel of Money Birthday Cake (1153)

Fathers Day Cake

The birthday boy for this cake apparently always joked he’d love a bushel of fifty dollar bills for this birthday. So we were happy to
oblige… :) The fifties were made out of sugar with edible images. The brown barrel is covered in fondant and airbrushed. Happy Birthday!

See more of this sculpted cake in the video I shot at the shop yesterday:

Carol left us this wonderful blog comment!! Thanks Carol we are glad you and your husband enjoyed the cake:

When asked, “what would you like for a gift?” my husband always replies, “just give me a bushel basket of fifties.” The cake you designed to depict that for a very big birthday of his went above and beyond. It was sensational! Not only did you far exceed what we enivisioned, but the cake was delicious as well! It was so cute to see the children take a slice of cake with a $50 bill as a side. Thank you so much!!!

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  1. Telease says:

    This is beautiful. Who could ever turn money away! Those fifty dollars look so real. Great job.

  2. Alex Mayer says:

    This cake looks so real. It is once again an amazing cake.

  3. lakevia says:

    I just really love your work. It’s very creative, neatly done, and one of a kind. I was wondering if you sold instructional dvds of you work?

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Lakevia – at this point we do not sell any instructional dvds. We do have a small selection of free online tutorials though available here –

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