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Baby Blue Baby Shower Cupcake Tower (551)

We included 60 cupcakes with pale blue vanilla and chocolate icing for a baby shower this weekend. Perched atop this cupcake stand is a baby blue cake with chocolate brown polka dots and a mom to be made out of sugar paste!

Baby Shower Pregnant Lady Cupcake Stand Tier

Fashionable Mommy-to-be perched atop a polka dotted cake

Close-up of Pregnant Lady Woman Cupcake Stand

Close-up of Mommy-to-be cute pregnant belly!

Interested in designing your own custom baby shower cupcake stand?
All our baby shower cakes are made-to-order and we specialize in pregnant mommy-to-be figures.

Check out our baby shower cupcake tower gallery for more examples. In addition, for inspiration head over to our pregnant mommy topper cake section which features a variety of examples. Lastly, if a cupcake tower isn’t of interest to you, check out our other baby shower cakes. We can work with you to find a style and theme that fits your vision.

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  1. HeidiJo says:

    This is now one of my favorites! I love the pregnant lady. The purse just finishes her off.

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  3. Tirabaralla says:

    This one is very funny! :D

  4. Tisha Joiner says:

    All of your cakes are stunners, but ths pregnant mother is awesome!

  5. Shazia says:

    Absolutely LOVE this cake!! I love the colors and the cupcakes look delicious!!!

  6. Harriett says:

    That is so cute, love the polka dots. :)

  7. Brittany Hale says:

    This people are on of my favorites, I love looking at their cakes ……Keep up the GREAT WORK
    LOVE the polka dots :)

  8. gretchen says:

    Where can I get the cupcake stand? Do you resale them?

    1. Anne says:

      Hi Gretchen – we have them for rent. You can view more here

  9. cherie says:

    Good day
    My name is cherie I want to say your cakes look great and sweet. Ive never had one I would like to know if your company can seen me a small tasted.

    I’m giving my sister a shower in June of this year. I would like to know when i put my order in how long would it take. I live in Brooklyn New York.

    Your new cake buyer

    1. Anne says:

      Hi Cherie – typically we ask that you order 2 to 3 weeks in advance to ensure we have openings. Contact us at the store for more information.

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