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Adirondack Lake Boat Cake (961)

This cake is a replica of a 1950 Adirondack lake boat. Details include an American flag in the back, a blue Ruggelach flag in the front and the client’s dog in the driver’s seat holding a happy birthday sign. The cake included vanilla cake with lemon cream cheese and raspberry chambord filling.

Priscilla sent us a wonderful email today thanking us for the cake:

Anne- I am sure that your mom told you that the cake was a HUGE success! I can’t believe all of the detail you put in to it….I loved the “stitching” you put on the “leather” upholstery and having Thor in the driver’s seat was extra sweet for Dick. I don’t think that Peeps expected it to taste as good as it looked. Chalk up another one for the Pink Cake Box team.

I am looking forward to you Food Channel debut next week!

Hugs and cudos,

Adirondack Lake Boat Birthday Cake

Closeup back of adirondack boat

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  1. The boat looks great! And what a cute touch with the dog driving it.

  2. Krista says:

    That is classic!! Love it!

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