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50th Birthday Cake (195)

A fun vanilla cake with chocolate filling for a 50th birthday party.

50th Birthday Cake

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  1. erica giordano says:

    hi, im very into baking especially when it comes to cakes and i was wondering how to make the cake frosting like the ones shown in these photos. regular cake frosting isnt bad, but this kind looks completely smooth as if you just cut it out and place it on.

  2. Anne says:

    Erica – we use fondant. See this post about fondant vs buttercream.

  3. yan says:

    These diffrent cake shown in the photos above are so fabulous!!!!
    Im passionate into baking,but never have an idea of this fondant type of icing.Wow,hope i could taste fondant cake one day like these cake shown above.I believe it taste good & fantastic! More power!

  4. jj says:

    I think this is very pretty.

  5. tiare taneao says:

    I really think that you people are putting all your effort into making all sorts of birthday cakes.
    Cheers to you all i can;t thank you for giving me ideas on how to bake my mums 50th birthday cake

  6. sum1 lovely says:

    love all of ur cakes jus awesome master pieces

  7. camila says:

    hola muchas gracias por las ideas, me gustaron mucho ya que son muy originales y alocados asi como yo me identifico mucho con estos cakes me encantan!

  8. Wow, thats a pretty outrageous cake for a 50th birthday! Who is the birthday boy, Hugh Heffner? haha Very nice as usual guys!

  9. hello. i really think that this cake is soo beautiful and pretty:)

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