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2009 Halloween at Pink Cake Box (2009)

Every year we all dress up at Pink Cake Box to celebrate Halloween. (See Halloween 2008 & Halloween 2007)

This year we had some great costumes:

Beverly as an adorable flower pot:

Here the discerning Kerry Vincent (Mike) judges my cake decorating skills as I delicately decorate this Masquerade wedding cake:

Joanne sporting the biker chick look as her Christening cake begins to take shape:

Emily decorating a corpse bride wedding cake while doubling as a feline:

Elizabeth and I classing it up:

Allison the sailor manning the front desk at Pink Cake Box:

Anna skillfully putting the finishing touches on her Halloween Spider Cake.

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  1. I love your staff! I wish that in the future I’ll have one of my own just like yours. Have you ever thought of writing a book or making instructional DVDs… Well you should! I’ll be the first to order! Keep up the excellent work Anne!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Rafael. And to answer your question we’ve thought of doing both. Right now we are offering classes at Pink Cake Box, but have had many requests to also create instructional DVD’s. And at some point in the future I’d love to write a book! Thanks again for your comment and kind words.

  2. Well keep us all posted! You have one of the hottests food blogs ever… :) And if you do one or the other, they will sell like freshly baked bread (cake)!

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