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Trends – Smaller Wedding Cakes (978)

modern contemporary trio of wedding cakes

This modern graphite colored set of wedding cakes fits well with a wedding themed dessert table. The flavors included dark-chocolate cake with gianduja-chocolate ganache, coconut cake with toasted-almond buttercream filling and a pistachio cake with chai-tea mousse.

More couples are opting for several smaller wedding cakes for their receptions. Couples are using smaller cakes as table centerpieces or are opting to setup a table of small wedding cakes mixed with other pastries.

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  1. andy says:

    Thats a really interesting trend. That really stinks that your cake didn’t make it there in time after all the effort.

  2. Haley says:

    I was woundering how you got your fondant so smooth, when I lay the fondant on a cake in sort of bunches up at the bottom. It doesn’t look smooth like your. I sort of looks like a table cloth. Do you have any advice???



  3. Toi says:

    Wonderful accomplishment! Congrats to you! Your work is so amazing. I am in awe everytime I visit your website. LOVE IT!!

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